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Be proactive towards your rental property maintenance needs

Just like you take your car for a service, or visit a Doctor for check-ups why is your biggest investment neglected? At Kuba, we would like to change this and enable you to save money, and time and be proactive to secure your property maintenance needs.

How It works

1. Complete the Subscription form below

2. Book your 1st Property Inspection

3. Access a report on the status of your propriety

Choose the most appropriate property maintenance plan for you

Kuba’s Property Inspection Plan is a monthly subscription plan, that allows our property inspectors to be able to conduct inspections at the selected property on a regular basis.

For Landlords

Regular inspections of your properties

Updated reports

Recommendations on the state of your properties

For Tenants

Greater Security for the return of your rental deposit

Recommendations reports of the state of the property

Indications of what you have to fix as a tenant

Please note that the Property Inspection Plan subscriptions do not cover repairs that might be recommended.

Gaone DikwidiGaone Dikwidi
09:54 23 Oct 23
I was happy with the branded Tshirts, loved the quality of the print.
Phoebe SibomanaPhoebe Sibomana
11:03 21 Aug 23
Great service!
Jacques SibomanaJacques Sibomana
08:13 25 Jul 23
Kuba's new profile gives users full control and more features for growing business. Use Kuba to find and work with local businesses
Pauline RouxPauline Roux
16:05 19 Jun 23
Ntsako MgibaNtsako Mgiba
12:55 30 May 23
Iā€™m very happy with the product and the customer service that I received. The team are very responsive and go the extra mile to ensure that their clients needs are met! Recommend!
Fatima DavidsFatima Davids
11:00 14 Aug 22
CorpChem would recommend Kuba Technologies to any business looking for a professional website. The team are hands-on before, during and even after project sign-off. We are proud and very confident to direct people to our website that Kuba Technologies has set up for us!
Munodawafa DzivaMunodawafa Dziva
17:22 27 Jul 22
I do construction renovations like painting, paving, tilling, partitions and skimming
yanelisa maneliyanelisa maneli
12:16 24 Nov 21
best service, thank you for connecting me to new customers in this difficult times
Tiku MwaleTiku Mwale
08:12 14 Jul 21
Very prompt and efficient service received. Keep up the good work. As a budding entrepreneur this is the kind of assistance we always require in order to make swift and timeous supply for the POs received.
Janeline NobleJaneline Noble
17:55 26 Nov 20
Thank you, you guys@ Kuba really do miricales. You have helped me and empowered me as a single mother like be in charge of my life and take ownership of my life and to remain positive! Kuba educated me on how to make money and to better myself and my business...Now I want to show others out the there way to Kuba! There's no need to struggle where there's a will a business idea burning inside you a feeling nobody understand s that you are eager start.... Kuba has a WAY! They Will guide you step by step on how to make a success!!
Jonathan Sudi AnzuluniJonathan Sudi Anzuluni
08:19 27 Sep 20
Kuba is a great platform that helps me as a small business owner in supplying digital services to secure jobs, customize my invoices and quote for a professional outlook. Also, to have access to a large pool of other vetted service providers that complement my business needs, and as well as other non-business related services needed. The services received are a top notch. Highly recommendable to anyone.
chantall cysterchantall cyster
01:00 21 Sep 20
I am very impressed with this company. I received quick and excellent customer services! I can truly say their services are people-centered. Will recommend anyone to make use their services.